The “Manitoba Sea Castle” Spotify Playlist (#OPS Transmission #30)

#IHateRadio - The Manitoba Sea Castle #Spotify Playlist


Every week I put out a new curated playlist for your listening enjoyment.

And yes, I am rebranding my playlists in opposition to the vileness of I Heart Radio. 

Fight Music Consolidation, Explore, Enjoy, and Share New Music!

Last week's playlist was called the "Second Animal Coffins" Spotify playlist.

With all my playlists, you can "Just Hit Play" or jump down and click on the Band Names to get my version of Easter Eggs.

The Songs (With Easter Eggs)


1. The Castle, The Flaming Lips, Single (Warner Brothers, 2016)

2. Staring Out The Window At Your Old Apartment, Jeff Rosenstock, WORRY (Side One Dummy, 2016)

3. Later, Free Weed, Introducing (The Bad Diet, 2015)

4. Bad News, Helmet, Single (earMusic, 2016)

5. Design Within Reach, Priests, Bodies and Control and Money and Power (Don Giovani, 2014)

6. Dad's Corner, Sleaford Mods, TCR (Rough Trade, 2016)

7. Am I Real, Nail Polish, Authentic Living (Help Yourself, 2016)

8. Serf to Serf, No Age, Single (Sub Pop, 2016)

9. Out to Sea, Male Bonding, Headache (Sub Pop, 2016)

10. Go Now, Crocodiles, Dreamless (Zoo Music, 2016)

11. Robots in the Garden, Autolux, Future Perfect (DMZ, 2004)

12. Manitoba, Tapes 'n Tapes, The Loon (XL Recordings, 2006)

Last Thoughts


I am Very excited for a new No Age album (as well as the new Helmet and Flaming Lips albums as well). Pretty cool that No Age, Cloud Nothings, and Japandroids all have new albums coming soon!

I call my playlists "Pirate Transmissions" because of the song "This is Radio Clash" by The Clash

The crazy names of the playlists were inspired by Captain Beefheart.

My blog motto is Explore, Enjoy, and Share New Music!

What was your favorite song on the playlist?

What was your favorite band on the playlist?

Which new album are you most excited for - No Age, Flaming Lips, or Helmet?

Let me know, leave a comment!