The "Lucy Spinning Coin" #Spotify Playlist (#OPS Transmission #28)

OPS #Spotify Playlists?


Every week I put out a new curated playlist for your listening enjoyment (skip down to the next section and hit play if you want to skip the talking).

The goal of each playlist is to present a coherent handshake between alternative music artists and genres from the 1950's through today and to inspire people to explore, enjoy, and share new music (most of the lists start with music from the 70's through today).

With all my playlists, you can "Just Hit Play" or jump down and click on the Band Names to get my version of Easter Eggs.

The "Lucy Spinning Coin" #Spotify Playlist

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The Songs (with Easter Eggs)


1. Stop Your Sobbing, The Pretenders, Pretenders (1980)

2. Albany, Spinning Coin, Single (2016)

3. Carry My Bags, Moon City Boys, I Need More (2016)

4. Miner's Gruel, Future of the Left, The Peace & Truth of Future of the Left (2016)

5. 13 Monsters, Lightning Bolt, Ride the Skies (2001)

6. Lucky Lucy, Crater, Talk to Me So I Can Fall Asleep (2016)

7. Speakers Push The Air, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Good Health (2002)

8. Suitcase, Wimps, Suitcase (2015)

9. Wonder Girl, Sparks, Sparks (1971)

10. Gentlemen, The Afghan Whigs, Gentlemen (1993)

11. Waiting On The Sunset, Aree and the Pure Heart, Heartsongs (2016)

12. Young & Successful, DIat, Postive Energy (2015)

13. Afterlife, Omni, Deluxe (2016)

14. She Has Eyes, L7, Hungry for Stink (1994)

Another playlist down :)!

Last Thoughts


The winner of the poll for best 2016 was...I have no idea, nobody voted last week? 

Thanks to Kino Kimino, Xenia Rubinos, Summer Cannibals, Vomitface, and of course Kim Gordon for the likes and RT's for both of my playlists last week! Much appreciated!

Last week's regular playlist was called the "Holy Sin Cigar" #Spotify Playlist. and the special playlist was called "Women 2016 to the Front" and included only songs from women singers released in 2016.

Yes, I included L7 in anticipation of the new L7 documentary coming out soon.

I call my playlists "Pirate Transmissions" because of the song "This is Radio Clash" by The Clash

The crazy names of the playlists were inspired by Captain Beefheart.

My blog motto is Explore, Enjoy, and Share New Music!

What was your favorite song or band on the playlist?

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