The "Halo Ghost Cigarettes" Spotify Playlist (I Hate Radio)

The "Halo Ghost Cigarettes" Spotify Playlist


Obviously starting with my entirely inadequate tip of my cap to the passing of one of the greatest to ever play rock and roll music. I think it would be fair to say that most of the music that I love would not exist but for the influence of the late great and mercurial Chuck Berry (RIP).

Every Tuesday (or Monday night) I put out a new curated playlist for your listening enjoyment. You can "Just Hit Play" or check out the song list below for Easter Eggs about the bands.  

Last week's playlist was called the "Lola Want War" playlist.

The Songs (Click on the links to learn more about the artist)


1. Maybelline, Chuck Berry, The Great Twenty-Eight (RIP) 

What can you say about one of the most talented, influential, and difficult people in the history of modern music that hasn't already been said? I don't have the words, but I listened to my Chuck Berry Box Set in its entirety last night. RIP Chuck Berry.

2. What Up Man, The Cool Kids, The Bake Sale (Chocolate Industries, 2008)

I will freely admit that I had not thought about The Cool Kids much since the second album came out a few years ago. Anyway, I was watching Iron Fist, and out of the blue, was shocked back into remembering how much I liked their first album (Iron Fist had one of the songs from "The Bake Sale" on the S1 soundtrack). Let's face it, The Cool Kids made the 808 cool again.

3. I Am The Fly, Wire, Chairs Missing (Harvest Records, 1978)

Pink Flag, Chairs Missing, and 154 is one of the strongest three album arcs by a band ever. Anyway, I love Wire and always take every chance to include them on my Playlists.

4. Hungry Ghost, Hurray For The Riff Raff, The Navigator (ATO Records, 2017)

This is just a beautiful song and the album is a real stunner from a band I knew nothing about before checking it out looking through new releases. Highly recommended.

5. High Ratings (Single Version), Wall, Untitled (Wharf Cat, 2017)

Okay, this NYC band might not even still exist (I have heard different stories), but they put out an EP last year and have a new album, currently untitled, in April. Hell, I don't know? I do know they make really tasty Post-Punk noise.

6.  Energy, B Boys, Dada (Captured Tracks Records, 2017)

This Brooklyn band is awesome. I have liked everything that I have heard from them. The new album Dada comes out May 19th (well worth your time).

7. Casual Wrecks, Adult Books, Running From The Blows (Lolipop Records, 2016)

Adult Books is another happy digging accident. Just ran into the album while looking through albums from last year that I missed (listened to over 400 last year - but that wasn't even close to the number released).

8. I Think I'm Old Enough, Adult Mom, Sometimes Bad Happens (Miscreant Records, 2017)

Another lucky find. I don't even know where I found Adult Mom TBH. But, good stuff either way!

9. More Cigarettes, Cheap Time, Wallpaper Music (In The Red Records, 2012)

In the Red should really just send me all the music they put out. They speak my language. Just been waiting to work some Cheap Time into a playlist. Finally, it worked out.

10. I Wanna Be Sedated, Ramones, Road to Ruin (Sire Records, 1978)

I kind of feel like this group represents another spiritual Godfather to many of the bands on this playlist.

11. Sugar Town, ShitKid, EP 2 (PNKSLM, 2017)

I mean I love this song. So many great things about this band from sound to style. Right in my lo-fi Cramps-loving sweet spot. Oh, and they are Swedish.

12. No Halo, Sorority Noise, You're not As _____ As You Think (Triple Crown, 2017)

I really never was into this band before this new album. Honestly, I almost didn't listen to it because I wasn't a huge fan. Not listening would have been a huge mistake. The new album is great. Really great. Kudos!

13. Sleeprydr, Holy Motors, Descending (Wharf Cat Records, 2017)

Another beautiful find, an Estonian band somewhere between post-punk and shoegaze. Not sure that I know much about the Estonian alternative scene, but if this beautiful and wistful song is a good sample, I should certainly learn more.

14. Green Light, Lorde, Melodrama (Universal Music NZ, 2017)

Okay, I think I originally was going to include this as a joke. To be 100% the only thing I knew about Lorde before SNL was the ongoing joke that Stan Marsh (South Park) was Lorde. 

But, Lorde is kind of growing on me because, after seeing her on SNL, I have decided she is utterly genuine. Being willing to put it all out there in front of millions, from what seems the most inner recesses of your personality is impressive to me. I loved Father John Misty's gleefully silly dancing and I loved Lorde's too.

Not my usual thing, but I like all kinds of musics...

My preference is only that music should come from a personal place and have more soul than production. This probably is a bit more produced than I like. But I think she is singing from her soul.

Wrapping It Up


Okay, processing yet another sad passing of a music legend. RIP Chuck Berry.

I call my site "On Pirate Satellite" because of the song "This is Radio Clash" by The Clash

The crazy names of the playlists were inspired by Captain Beefheart.