The "Finally, Disaster Rain" #Spotify Playlist (#OPS Transmission #25)

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Every week I put out a new curated playlist for your listening enjoyment. By all means, skip down to the next section and hit play!

The goal of each playlist is to present a coherent handshake between alternative music artists and genres from the 1950's through today and to inspire people to explore, enjoy, and share new music.

Sometimes, music is about creating atmospheres of memory. Atmospheres that remind you of places, times, temperatures, and feelings. This week I am playing around with some songs that emotionally represent winter to me (for good and for ill).

It is amazing to me, how even on an 80-degree day, a song can transport me to memories so strong they can make me shiver as if I was outside on a winter day.

The Moon & Antarctica, for instance, is an album that perfectly feels like its name. Many people tend to make playlists from the perspective of an activity someone might engage in while listening. I think that I try to focus more on the emotional content of music and the ability of music to transport me.

Yes, beginning the list with Modest Mouse and ending it with Bedhead and Tones on Tail was very intentional (I spend hours every week fussing over these things), my life has powerfully intersected with each of these bands that make me feel like winter and darkness.

With all my playlists, you can "Just Hit Play" or jump down and click on the Band Names to get my version of Easter Eggs.

Last week's playlist was called the "California Street Locator" #Spotify Playlist. Also, I wanted to thank Controlled Bleeding, Katy Goodman & Greta Morgan, and Tim Delaughter of Polyphonic Spree and the iconic Kim Gordon for all the Twitter love for my recent playlists.

I also did a Flaming Lips Tribute playlist called the "I Remember A Broken Radio" #Spotify Playlist. My new tribute playlist (I think it will be Sleater-Kinney this month) will be out later this week.

The "Finally, Disaster Rain" #Spotify Playlist

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The Songs (With my version of Easter Eggs)

1. 3rd Planet, Modest Mouse, The Moon & Antarctica (2000)

2. One Eye Open, Trentemoller, Fixion (2016)

3. Barbarella, Billy Changer, Billy Changer (2014)

4. Finally, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Pretty Years (2016)

5. Black and White, The dB's, Stands For Decibels (1981)

6. Natural Disasters, Enon, High Society (2002)

7. Girlfriend, Ty Segall, Melted (2010)

8. Lucky, Young Rival, Strange Light (2016)

9. Atom Bomb, Beach Slang, A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings (2016)

10. Natural Disaster, Mike Krol, I Hate Jazz (2011)

11. Mr. Noah, Panda Bear, Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper (2015)

12. The Rest of the Day, Bedhead, Beheaded (1996)

13. Rain, Tones on Tail, Everything! (1998)

Final Notes (#ShareNewMusic)

The winner of the poll for best 2016 song on last week's playlist was "Murdered Out" by one of my music heroes Kim Gordon and the winner of the poll for best old school song on the playlist was "The Return of Jackie and Judy" by my beloved hometown heroes the Ramones.

I call my playlists "Pirate Transmissions" because of the song "This is Radio Clash" by The Clash

The crazy names of the playlists were inspired by Captain Beefheart.

My blog motto is Explore, Enjoy, and Share New Music!

Nobody guessed which song was the very first song ever repeated on one of my playlists, the answer was "Your Silent Face" by New Order.

What was your favorite song on this week's playlist?

Who is your favorite band on this week's playlist?

What songs make you feel like Winter (no matter what the actual season is)?

Let me know, leave a comment!