The "Cold Maniac Maps" #Spotify Playlist (#OPS Transmission #21)

Pirate Transmission Playlists? #OPS

What is the best way that I can share my love of independent music with you?

Every day I hear people talk about how bad music is today.

B.S., Music is as awesome today as it was when I was a kid, the problem is distribution not a lack of talent.

In other words, the "industry" has consolidated around a few "faces" and around the idea that it is better to program songs to the lowest common denominator than to support good music.

But great music is still being made.

This is a movement! A movement of people fed up with the nonsense that passes for music on Clear Channel radio and other mainstream outlets.

My goal is to get people to change their listening habits and start exploring and seeking out new music (and be reintroduced to great older artists too).

My playlists in 2016 have songs from over 100 2016 albums represented to date.

You can join the movement by listening to the playlists, sharing the playlists, and embracing the artists on the playlists. We need to replace the mainstream channels for sharing music with a new grassroots system (involving #).

Last week's playlist was called "Imaginary Soul Fairytale

The Cold Maniac Maps #Spotify Playlist

Just Hit Play! And if you like it, Share It! If you want more information about the artists, scroll down and click on the Band Names (Bolded)

Seriously, the more plays these artists get the more money they make. 

The Songs

1. That Cold and Lonely, KA, Honor Killed The Samurai (2016)

2. One Block Further, Atticus Ross + Leopold Ross, Almost Holy (2016)

3. Maniac Depressant, Gonjasufi, Callus (2016)

4. Thin Line, Fury, Paramount (2016)

5. Drumatic, DJ Earl, Open Your Eyes (2016)

6. Fleece, Crystal Castles, Amnesty (1) (2016)

7. Maps of the Sun, Grifters, Crappin' You Negative (1994)

8. 333, Against Me, Shape Shift With Me (2016)

9. 1906, Ex-Cult, Negative Growth (2016)

10. Talk's Cheap, Flipper, Gone Fishin' (1984)

11. Hide and Seek, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Singles Collection

12. Mistake, Moby, Wait For Me (2009)

13. Steppin' to the A.M., 3rd Bass, The Cactus Album (1989)

I call my playlists "Pirate Transmissions" because the song "This is Radio Clash" by The Clash

This week's playlist was partially inspired by the Pitchfork list that was an ode to feminist punk. Here is a link to my article about that list (Click HERE). 

Anyway, just hit play or hit play and scroll down and click on the bolded band names for  more information about the music while you listen. If you like it, please share it!

The crazy names of the playlists were inspired by Captain Beefheart.

Okay, that is the end of another #OPS Playlist.

What was your favorite song on the playlist?

What band was new to you? Did you like them? 

Do You Remember Both Names of the Emcees of 3rd Bass?

Let me know what you think, leave a comment!