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Jagger vs. Trump, An RTJ Protest Playlist, & Arcade Fire - Music News 1/20/2017

Mick Jagger explains Trump's use of his music, links to RTJ's protest music playlist, and Arcade Fire release their new single (with Mavis Staples).

Music News 1/19/2017

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RIP Prince Rogers Nelson: Twitter Tributes

This is a collection of remembrance tweets that I collected from Twitter.

Yes, I know Prince was not a fan, but it is how collectively share our feelings these days.

RIP Prince!

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My Gift to Belinda Carlisle: Music With Character

I challenged myself to come up with 40 good albums released in just the last two years so that I could respond to people, like Belinda Carlisle, who think no good music is being made today.

As usual, I believe music is fine, it is the industry that is doing a terrible job of communicating great music to the masses.

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