Alert: Stipe's Beard = Manifestation of Cthulhu

H.P. Lovecraft suggested that looking directly at Cthulhu would drive a human being insane.

Since I saw the clip above, I would have to agree.

At the very least, I am now inescapably haunted by former REM frontman Michael Stipe's living Cthulhu tribute (AKA his beard).

Holy Mother of God.

Folks, the Bowie song he sang was "The Man Who Sold The World" 

Did Stipe make a pact with Cthulhu?

Red Alert!

Is it possible that all of the anxiety we experience because of our supposed subconscious awareness of Cthulhu's existence all manifested itself on Stipe's face?

Is Stipe's face now a sign of the imminent return of Cthulhu?

Is it a good thing or a bad thing that Cthulhu sings through his facial hair now?

Does anyone know what to do if we find out that Lovecraft wasn't writing fiction?

I mean in Watchmen it was a deadly hoax, but still deadly. Why did noted humanist Stipe turn against humanity? Did he go "crazy Earth First" like Sam Jackson's character in that Kingsman movie?

We could always do what some Poles did recently and just surrender + Vote Cthulhu 2016!