Sleaford Mods + Chastity Belt: "I Hate Radio" Music News 3/9/2017

Music News?

My attempt to curate the music news available into the news that people who read my blog might enjoy. I try to include the links to the music so you don't have to search any of it out.

Oh, also, I do weekly playlists. My playlists often include lots of new music from bands that you may never have heard of. This is by design. Music has always been a process of discovery for me. This week's playlist is called the "Tall Dream Janitor" playlist, you can listen to it here (or click on the hyperlink to learn more about any bands that you like).

Sleaford Mods "English Tapas"


Here is something I have never typed about a band before...

Sleaford Mods are a spiritual descendent of Mark E. Smith (who is in fact still alive) and The Fall.

I mean, I would like to hope that they were collectively nicer people than Mark E. Smith seems to be, but I honestly suspect that liking The Fall would be a litmus test for if you would like Sleaford Mods or not.

Now, I am almost certain that in response to this, Mark would tell me to fuck off and mention that SM made it all on a laptop and don't "play" etc. All true.

Mark might next say that the lyrics are much less thoughtful (pretentious) and that is also 100% true. But they use a similar droll observational style with post-punk, bass driven music that really wraps nicely around the lyrics 

Mark E. Smith is probably much smarter, but there is little doubt that Sleaford Mods were influenced by The Fall.

It is what it is,

I would probably tell Mark to stop being such a:

Couldn't resist, sorry (groan).

I am pretty sure most people who liked The Fall would like Sleaford Mods. And, maybe, anyone who liked both might also appreciate how much more self-deprecating SM's are compared to The Fall (said with love, I really do love The Fall).

In other words, I did (and do) like The Fall. So, I really like Sleaford Mods.

Is "English Tapas" sloppy and simple and kind of silly? YES.

Did I have a great time listening to it? YES!

I guess that is my backhanded way of saying that I wholeheartedly recommend "English Tapas." Here it is:

Can I also mention here that I started talking about Sleaford Mods well in advance of the other big sites? I am kind of tooting my own horn here, but I have to do some self-promotion. You will see them on playlists that I put out months ago and the last time I wrote about them it caused a big Twitter argument (some of my friends on Twitter H A T E Sleaford Mods lol).

Sleaford Mods are on Rough Trade Records.

Chastity Belt Are Back!!!!

It has been like Christmas in March for me...

In the last few days, I have found out that Girlpool, The Coathangers, and now Chastity Belt have new albums coming soon. If you have followed this blog since 2015 you know that I am a huge fan of this band from Washington. Here is their 2015 album "Time To Go Home":

One other thing, I saw an article yesterday talking about Chastity Belt and saying that they were not an overtly political band? I guess the interviewer must have heard a much different first two albums than I did?

I mean they are not "Political Party" political, but they are saying some pretty powerful stuff about gender politics IMHO. Still pretty confused about that interview, won't lie to you.

Anyway, the new Chastity Belt album comes out on June 2nd. It will be called "I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone."

And how cool is it that the video is a playful homage to Hunger Strike? 

Also, if you prefer to listen to the new song on Spotify, here it is:

Chastity Belt are on Hardly Art Records.

Closing Time

Okay, another post down, for once I am actually getting a post a day written lately!

Thanks to the hundreds of people who have been reading my new Orange is the New Black posts! I am actually enjoying writing them (wasn't sure that would happen).

There will be a new Black Mirror post in the next few days (only 3 episodes left for me to write about, which one do you think is next?).

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