Season 7 GoT Trailer Teases "Cleganebowl" Might Finally Erupt #WinterIsHere

Hound + Mountain = "Cleganebowl?"

Okay, the Game of Thrones universe went crazy when yesterday when Sandor “The Hound” Clegaine showed up in what appeared to be a dragon pit in King’s Landing 1:19 into the new #WintersHere trailer for Season 7 which is due to premiere on HBO July 16th. Check it for yourself here (The rest of the trailer is pretty amazing too).

So, why did people go so crazy?

Duh, because “Claganebowl” could finally be “On Like Donkey Kong.”

For those who don’t know, “Cleganebowl” is the name of the long promised showdown between the brothers Clegane.

There is also another theory that could be playing out here as well. Beric (of the flaming sword and many lives) and The Hound could be going on a mission to capture a White Walker and return the walker to King’s Landing to convince Cersei to join in the fight (and there is also some imagery to suggest that this could be possible in the trailer as well).

HBO also released a picture that suggested that Sandor will also be spending some time in the North during S7.


It would certainly not be impossible to see Cersei going crazy and unleashing Ser Robert Strong in response to the appearance of the Hound with Beric and or a White Walker.

Many people, however, are suggesting it is a Benioff and Weiss head fake (like the Lady Stoneheart pre-season 6 hype).

I actually think it is 100% destined to happen. George RR Martin doesn’t create two decades of backstory for something that isn’t ever going to happen. The head-fake, if there is one, would be that because he has been turned into “Franken-Mountain” by “Maester” Qyburn, Ser Robert Strong no longer has any idea who the hell Gregor is (or was). Regardless of what happens, The Hound might be destined to gain only hollow revenge on a brain-dead barely human zombie hulk.

Anyway, can’t wait until July 16th. Remember, my Game of Thrones recaps will return on the 17th.

Also, since HBO is likely investing in prequels, you might want to start reading A Knight of the 7 Kingdoms in advance!