Pirate Transmission #Spotify Playlist #15: Taste Happiness, Edit Internet Rain

Pirate Spotify Playlists?

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So, every week I engage in my real passion which is sharing music. My goal every week is to work as much interesting music into about a 40-minute package as I can. Last week's playlist was called "Lazer Night Club Television Riff."

They are called "Pirate Transmissions" because the song "This is Radio Clash" by The Clash is what inspired this blog's name.

You can just hit play or hit play and scroll down and click on the bolded band names for  more information about the music while you listen.

The crazy names of the playlists were inspired by Captain Beefheart.

The Taste Happiness, Edit Internet Rain #Spotify Playlist

The Songs

1. How To Taste, Violent Soho, Waco (2016), Dine Alone Music Inc.

2. She Will Only Bring You Happiness, Mclusky, The Difference Between Me and You Is That I'm Not On Fire (2004), Too Pure

3. Burn The Scab, Le Butcherettes, Cry Is For The Flies (2014), Ipecac Recordings

4. When I Was Done Dying, Dan Deacon, Gliss Riffer (2015), Domino Recording Company

5. Degraded, Preoccupations, Preoccupations (2016), Flemish Eye

6. Get Off The Internet, Le Tigre, From The Desk of Mr. Lady (2001), Mr. Lady Records

8. Natural's Not in It, Gang of Four, Entertainment (1979), Warner Bros.

7. Sliver, Nirvana, Incesticide (1992), Geffen

9. Train, Mission Of Burma, vs., Ace Of Hearts Records

10. Never Said, Liz Phair, Exile In Guyville (1993), Matador

11. Dry The Rain, The Beta Band, The Three EP's (1998), Regal Recordings

Well that is another Pirate Transmission Playlist, hope you enjoyed it, I sure did (as usual). I just wanted to sell five more copies of The Three EP's by the Beta Band.

What did you think of Taste Happiness, Edit Internet Rain? Let me know (seriously), leave a comment!