Pirate Transmission #10: "Sinatra's Floating Vibes" #Spotify Playlist

Why Pirate Transmission Playlists?

So, every week I engage in my real passion which is sharing music. My goal every week is to work as much interesting music into about a 40-minute package as I can.  I spend a ton of time every week listening to new music, revisiting old music, and switching things in and out until I feel like the sound and flow of the playlist makes sense. 

As of this list, I have placed songs from 50 2016 albums on my playlists (and listened to 100's of new albums). My goal is usually to find a good mix from the 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's to now but I kind of maxed 2016 on this one.

They are called "Pirate Transmissions" because the song "This is Radio Clash" by The Clash is what inspired this blog's name.

As I have said before, as insane as it is, I spend more time on these playlists than anything else that I do every week. I care about them so much because I really love trying to bring attention to less appreciated artists or today and the bands that I grew up loving. 

You can just hit play or hit play and scroll down and click on the bolded band names for  more information about the music while you listen.

Oh, and as always, the playlist names are an homage to Captain Beefheart.

Sinatra's Floating Vibes - The Playlist

The Songs

1. Heaven and Hell, Desert Mountain Tribe, Either That Or The Moon (2016)

2. Frankie Sinatra, The Avalanches, Wildflower (2016)

3. Floating Vibes, Surfer Blood, Astro Coast (RIP Thomas Fekete)

4. Crowds, Angry Angles, Angry Angles (compilation released in 2016)

5. One More, Weaves, Weaves (2016)

6. Civilization's Dying, Zero Boys, Vicious Circle (1981)

7. Replicate, Disappears, Pre-Language (2012)

8. Scraper, Head Wound City, A New Wave Of Violence (2016)

9. Corpse, Franky Flowers, Single (2016)

10. Loincloth, Kino Kimono, Bait is for Sissies (2016)

11. Drag Queen, The Strokes, Future Present Past EP (2016)

12. The Telephone Call (2009 Remaster), Kraftwerk, Techno Pop (Originally released on Electric Cafe in 1986)

That is this week's list, I enjoyed this one a great deal, hope you like it too!

How did you like the list? What songs did you like the most? Let me know, leave a comment!