Pinegrove, Wire, and RIP Jaki Liebezeit of Can - "I Hate Radio" Music News 1/24/2017

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Pinegrove Continues to Resist Through Charity


Earlier I wrote about how the band Pinegrove decided, after the election, to donate all of their album sales on Bandcamp to Planned Parenthood. So, as a result of this campaign, Pinegrove raised over $21,000 for Planned Parenthood (which is pretty darn impressive).

Now, they have released a new live EP and have decided to continue to allow people to "name their own price" but now, all the proceeds from all of their sales on Bandcamp will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Here is the link to that new campaign:

A Celebration of 40 Years of Wire

The band Wire is celebrating their 40th year as a band this year. That is pretty darn impressive for any band much less an intellectual "art-rock" style post-punk band. 

Anyway, Wire decided to celebrate with the release of a new EP called "Silver/Lead" on March 31st. The song above is the first new single from that EP.

If you don't know Wire, they were and are a revolutionary band in many ways, here is their first album "Pink Flag" (but you should also check out "154" and "Chairs Missing" as well - at the very least - not to mention their album from last year "Nocturnal Koreans").

RIP Jaki Liebezeit, Drummer of the legendary German band CAN


Last week, we lost Nigerian funk legend William Onyeabor. If you missed my tribute, you can read it HERE.

Sadly, yesterday, we lost a member of the legendary proto-punk experimental German rock band CAN in Jaki Liebezeit.

CAN still sound great and relevant even all of these years later). As a fellow drummer, I send condolences to all of the friends and family of Jaki!

I am linking two of my favorite CAN albums so you can check them out.

First Tago Mago:

and also Ege Bamyasi:

Closing Time

Okay, that does it for the music news for today.

I should have another Red Wheelbarrow done soon and tomorrow is the return of The Flash (and my recaps). In addition, with any luck, I will get a Black Mirror done this week too.

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