My Top Posts of 2015

by Joshua B. Hoe Happy 2016 everyone!

I do want to thank everyone who has started reading the blog regularly (kind of a surprise to me too, if it makes you feel any better)!

Sure, the blog has only been live for a few months, but I started writing back around last March (was it that long ago)?

If you haven't started exploring yet, there is a TON of old stuff to check out.

In that spirit, here are my best posts of 2015!

The Most Popular Posts of 2015

By far, my most popular posts of 2015 were all the parts of my series on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


The winner by a landslide was my post from a few weeks ago:

The Embarrassing Class of 2016

The Cars by The Cars uploaded by Joshua B. Hoe


Coming in second was the third of the four parts of the Rock Hall Series:

This Means War (On The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame)

Man Machine by Kraftwerk uploaded by Joshua B. Hoe


But, coming in a surprise third was my piece on Killer Mike's barbershop interview with Bernie Sanders:

Killer Mike and Bernie (I also called this 100% and Barbershop)

Run the Jewels 2 by Run the Jewels uploaded by Joshua B. Hoe

The posts I Loved The Most

I am hoping these get a second life, because I loved writing them so much:

I was really emotionally invested in this post on gender politics and music, It was very hard to write, but very personal and very deeply felt:

Violence, Women, and My Heart of Darkness

Nostalgia took the wheel with this post about the depiction of Dallas Texas' Starck Club on the show Halt and Catch Fire:

Starck and Catch Fire

The post I probably enjoyed coming up with the most was this post about Chvrches second album:

Dick Vernon vs. Lauren Mayberry - The "Hughes" of Chvrches

I could not be more proud of my whole series on Black Lives Matter:

Why Ben Carson Is Ahead

Things I Learned About Racism Today

Yup, Another Follow-Up To NWA And Black Lives Matter

NWA + Black Lives Matter Postscript

NWA + Black Lives Matter Part 2

And the post that started it all:

Second Generation Filth and Fury: NWA, PE, and BDP

I am looking forward to working hard to bring you more (hopefully) entertaining posts in 2016!

Every Open Eye, Chvrches uploaded by Joshua B. Hoe

Thanks for reading! If you like the blog, please let me know, I love to hear from even the people who disagree with me (check out the comments on the Rock Hall stuff) - so, leave a comment!