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I used to just tweet out a bunch of links to music news but I decided that I wanted to have more space for commentary. So, now I put out posts about the music news that speaks to me.

FYI, every week I put out a Spotify playlist. This week my playlist was a protest playlist called the "Gold-Plated" Alternative Truth playlist. You can listen to it HERE.

Today I am going to focus on the amazing number of important new albums that were released today. There were so many great albums released today that I haven't even gotten to listen to the new Self Titled Ty Segall album (which also came out today). I will get to Ty, I promise!

Priests - Nothing Feels Natural (Sister Polygon Records)


Washington DC's Priests have just released a really great new album (Nothing Feels Natural). If you like punk and post-punk this album will hit your heavy rotation very soon. Washington City Paper calls it an instant classic that almost "tore the band apart." The Washington Post says Nothing Feels Natural was a debut "well worth the wait."

You can purchase "Nothing Feels Natural" on Itunes or at their bandcamp.

Fred Thomas - Changer (Polyvinyl)


To say that Fred Thomas has been prolific is an understatement. He has like eight solo albums and has released music in at least five collaborative projects (that I know of). Over the last few years, however, has really been putting his efforts into his solo career and the results have been great. 

Today Fred released his newest album Changer and I love it. His lyrics, as usual, are amazing, and the album has been called a "scrapbook of uncomfortable memories." Heck, even Pitchfork liked it (in their usual hipster way).

Also, there may be an OPS interview with Fred coming very soon.

Cloud Nothings - Life Without Sound (Carpark Records)


Cloud Nothings has been one of my absolute favorite bands since I first heard the album "Attack on Memory"

Despite this, I won't lie, I didn't want to love "Life Without Sound" because I wasn't excited about what Dylan Baldo has called a brighter and cleaner sound with more emphasis on vocals. I was very wrong to be skeptical.

I heard the album the first time a few weeks ago and was still cynical but every single time I have listened to the album since that first listen, I have enjoyed it more. And now, I absolutely love it. II have listened every single day this week. 

A great band and a great new album. Highly recommended.

The Guardian says you should crank up the volume and COS gives "Life Without Sound" an A-.

Japandroids - Near To The Wild Heart Of Life (Polyvinyl)


Overall, I love Japandroids. I called them many times one of my troika of "most important rock bands going" (with Cloud Nothings and No Age).

I loved Celebration Rock

And I really loved Post-Nothing

But, I hate to report that I really am not in love with "Near To The Wild Heart of Life." I have listened to it four times now and something just seems off to me. It could 100% just be me but I really want to love the album and just don't.


Maybe you will disagree? I hope you do disagree with me because I really do love Japandroids. Rolling Stone gave it 4 Stars and A.V. Club likes it too.

Closing Time


The scary thing is that several other albums of note were also released today like Allison Crutchfield's "Tourist In This Town" which I also liked. 

What a power-packed Friday. Wow. 

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