Killer Mike and Bernie

by Joshua B. Hoe

100% + Barbershop!

Killer Mike has come up with the best political interview model ever.

If you have read the blog for any amount of time, you know I have a particular soft spot in my heart for Run the Jewels and for Killer Mike (one of the MC's in RTJ's).

Recently, Killer Mike did a 6 part sit down interview in a barbershop with Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders (who Mike endorses).

What is so amazing about the interview is that Killer Mike provides his own background and the reasons he has for his perspective on an issue before asking the questions (and then provides plenty of space and time for thoughtful and reflexive answers).

The interview is also conducted in a place where people go to talk truth to each other across the urban United States, the barbershop.

In other words, the interview model is:

100% + Barbershop

Killer Mike and Bernie the Model For Better Politics

When I heard the interview I kept wondering how much better our system would be if all political interviews were this personal, open, and honest.

And also, I love that the segments are not timed (something the internet format allows) so that people have the time to say whatever they are trying to say instead of being reduced to soundbites.

In addition, there is the opportunity to be real. Killer Mike can say that he thinks guns are his last line of defense against the tyranny of an unjust government - something many people feel but never say.

He has the courage to say things that might be controversial, but that he believes. We need more of this kind of honesty, not the browbeating and shaming that often results when people are 100%.

Instead of "speech shaming" KM, like most "news" channels would do when he says something heartfelt but controversial, Bernie tries to engage in dialog about why he disagrees with KM.

You know, using persuasion to try to change KM's mind.

I find this really refreshing.

I particularly like what they say about drugs, prison, and the honest back and forth on gun control.

So, in the interest of getting as many people to see it as possible, here is the Pitchfork link to the clip.

Run the Jewels 2 by Run the Jewels

Tell me what you thought of the interview. I would love to hear your opinions, leave a comment!