Josh's Digital Bin #9

Another episode of my blog feature that is sweeping the nation (or at least 20 people in the nation) Josh's Digital Bin. 

Girlpool, Before The World Was Big

Girlpool, Before The World Was Big

A Shout Out To Girlpool

I want to give a special shout out to Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad who are collectively known as Girlpool. Girpool had one of my top 10 albums of 2015 (Before The World Was Big, if you haven't heard it yet - shame on you). But I am giving them a shout out because yesterday one or both of them were Tweeting out links to the Bandcamps for bands that they endorse.

What bands? Peaer, Emily Doom, Horse Jumper Of Love, and Ian. Obviously, you should check these bands out too. But, this is the best example of using your own popularity to help other bands. Very cool to see, more established bands should do this!

This is also exactly in the spirit of my digital bin project. Create more links and spaces to artists people might otherwise miss. Kudos! Keep sharing new music!

New Age Healers

Gotten to talk to these folks (or, at least, the singer) several times on Twitter, very nice! This is also a really good and polished album. It reminds me a great deal of Jesus and Mary Chain, but they assured me J&MC were not a big influence (I am kind of an idiot, so could be wrong).

They also are endorsed by another friend who does Strawberry Tongue Radio (which I also highly recommend).

Famous Breathers

I have also gotten to know one-half of this duo through Twitter. This is a band with a great deal of pedigree (one member worked with Glen Branca and there are some Ween ties). If you like really playful and adventurous noise, I highly recommend this album (listened to it like 5 times this week).

Batwings Catwings

I truthfully do not remember how I came on this band. Sometimes I forget things (sigh). But they are really FUN! And, a good time was had by all :)


This could be one of those happy accidents. Someone has tweeted my for consideration a few times whose twitter name is Mysterio (but his twitter address is not). For some reason, this week, I could not for the life of me find his tweets (even using advanced search).

So, in the spirit of exploration I just searched Bandcamp for Mysterio, this is what came up, and it is really pretty good! If I have the wrong Mysterio, we can always work it out next week!


Usually, I reserve this spot for an album released on an independent label. Truth? Didn't hear any albums I liked that much from Independent Labels this week (could have missed a few for sure). This is another person/band that I chat with occasionally on Twitter. 

Interesting spaced out reflexive stuff. Like his voice a lot!

So ends another Digital Bin - Have fun exploring!

How did you like this week's bin? Are you a Girlpool fan? What have you been listening to that other people should hear? Help spark more sharing by adding your voice!