Josh's Digital Bin #5

by Joshua B. Hoe Hard to believe it has been five weeks already.

Bands and artists, keep sending me links to your stuff, I try to work everyone in over time.

For those of you who haven't been here before, my idea was to create "digital bins" that would function like the bins in record stores. Bins where anyone can just look through and pick what interests them and ignore what doesn't.

One of things I am often most nostalgic about when it comes to music is that feeling of discovery. I hope this creates a discovery space.

It also allows me to create another set of pages where people can experience bands that they might not encounter in today's musical media environment. I do include some bands on labels, but rarely any bands on major labels.

Enjoy Bin #5

Bella Goldwin:

Very nice person, wrote me out of the blue and asked me to check out her music.

Not really in my normal wheelhouse, but that rarely stops me for long, she has a really pretty voice and the production value is really decent for a soundcloud track:

The other song I could find for her is her version of a song you may be familiar with already:

Ask For Joy:

A new Twitter friend (Tweep) asked me to check Ask For Joy out. She was particularly interested in having me include this track:

It is a really nice song, for sure!


That Tweep mentioned before is one half of the duo Ummagma. Had a really nice discussion with her, oddly enough about her work as a translator.

Her (and her husbands) music, is very relaxing and interesting electronica supported with occasional guitars. I particularly liked Lama and the OMD remix of Lama.


I honestly do not remember how I got in touch with IEatPants.

However, lots of material, always interesting. And I mean that as a complement. Kind of like albums you have a strange look on your face as you are listening, but that you keep on listening to. As one of the blurbs on the Bandcamp says "somewhere between charming and annoying"

Cavern Of Anti-Matter:

I am a long time fan of Stereolab and even have seen them live a few times. I was really excited to hear that Tim Gane had a new band (Along with Joe Dilworth). I have listened to this album a ton since it appeared on Spotify a few days ago.

Death Index:

Right up my alley (and just what I needed to hear today). I pretty much was digging this from the first second. Angry, pressing, urgent kick rock and roll. I also like that they take a Minutemen approach, the songs are short and intense.

Here is a link to the other four digital bins, if you like something please let the bands know (and purchase the music when possible).

Hope everyone is having a GREAT week,