Josh's Digital Bin #3

by Joshua B. Hoe When I was young we had these things called "record stores" where the owners of the record stores would fill crates full of records and you could search through them and decide (mostly using guess-work) which ones would be good to buy.

For some reason, this was a really great part of my life. I am trying to find a digital way to recreate these bins.

Yes, I fully realize some record stores still exist (thank God) but for most of us they are but a memory (so jealous of anyone near an Amoeba).

The idea is that from now until the end of my blog, people can search this bin for music they maybe would not have encountered otherwise.

This is my third digital bin:

Bin #1 is here.

Bin #2 is here.

Leeches Of Lore - Really F'n Good Rock

I was really impressed with this band. I listened to their album Motel Of Infinity. It is really damn good stuff (I have listened to it more than once and given how many albums I try to listen to a week, that is saying something).

Probably more for people who tend toward the metal end of alternative music, but there is more too it than formulaic metal.

It is heavy, but with a sense of fun and lightness to it (doesn't take itself too seriously).

Once you get it going, I am betting you will like it too.

Deer God - Also Highly Recommended

This band is a bit easier to classify, reminds me a bit more of other metal bands, but certainly not in a bad way.

Very good album, really strong vocals, impressive and talented players, and enjoyable songs.

Again, tends toward metal, but I enjoyed Monocle a great deal.

Thirty Silver - Enjoyable Guitar Driven Rock

Have had some discussions with one of the guys in this band, really nice guy, works hard and follows a DIY ethic in playing, recording, and promoting his music.

Again, very enjoyable listen. Lots of fun.

Kind of reminds me of the 90's in a good way, lots of build to explosions. Not always loud, quiet, loud or quiet, loud, quiet...But I get the same feel.

Rubber Clown Car - Not Where Baskets Lives

Sorry, I have been watching the new ZG/Louie CK collaboration on FX (Baskets).

Talked to these guys weeks ago, really super-nice peeps. They have never actually insisted that they were or are "clowns."

I like the feel of this album, kind of reminds me a little of some 80's alt-rock bands in feel.

If I have a criticism it is more of the engineering than the band itself.

Still really enjoyed it.

DIIV: Is The Is Are

This was my favorite label release this week. Very bouncy, light, fun, and interesting. Reminds me a bit of Cold Beat and has a really cool 80's vibe as well.

Is The Is Are by DIIV uploaded by Joshua B. Hoe

Massive Attack: Back and Tricky

I have always loved Massive Attack, great to see them back with the really good (if short) Ritual Spirit EP - also great to see Tricky back with them (if only on one track).

Welcome back to a great band!

Ritual Spirit EP by Massive Attack uploaded by Joshua B. Hoe

And so ends another digital bin, hope you enjoyed it!


Did you enjoy the digital bin this week? What bands did you like? Feel free to share your opinion, leave a comment!