Josh's Digital Bin #21

What the F*&K is a Digital Bin?

You know when they say money earned is twice as sweet as money found? 

I used to be part of a large pre-internet community of Punk enthusiasts who let each other know what music they liked by sharing it through sharing tapes and zines and inviting people to shows.

We all found the music we liked (and later shared) by digging in bins at record stores. Often we would spend hard earned money buying new music that we suspected was good but had never heard before. 

When I post playlists on Reddit, I often get the response "Who?" 

I usually respond "Exactly"

Anyway, my digital bins are collections of artists you might never have heard of but that I think are interesting. I don't curate them as much as I do with my playlists, the idea is just to present them. The idea is that I share them here, you dig, and you share the stuff you like.

Recite The Plan

A new heavy single from my online friend and fellow 90's music enthusiast Recite the Plan. I think this might mean that his upcoming new album might be darker, fuzzier, and messier than the last, let me say that I certainly hope so!

The Peppersplum

Out of the blue some promotion guy named Frank sent me links to this band The Peppersplum from Mexico. They have a nice sound that makes me think they have a 90's desert rock feel to them. I was told they are an all girl band and very popular in Brazil and Argentina. 

I have featured a TON of international music this year (mostly from Australia) so this seemed to fit.

Los Crudos - Discografia

Given I was trending Latin above, I thought I would add Los Crudos. This is kind of me cheating. Los Crudos are a legendary Chicago Latin punk band. They were kind of, in many ways, the first of the Latin hardcore bands. I saw that they put out a compilation of their discography recently. Highly recommended for Punk fans.

Warpaint - Heads Up

Still kind of drinking this one in. I like this band and am enjoying the album but I am still absorbing the new elements in their approach. Seriously interesting changes, some of the same old Warpaint goodness. I am sure this one will settle well.

Lithics - Borrowed Floors

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD...Lithics are SO Good. I respect that they exist in the complicated Portland DIY bubble, are almost impossible to find in the normal places, and hardly seem to exist outside of a few popular press references. But they are AWESOME. If you like the core post-punk sound, I would have a hard time hearing you didn't love Lithics.

Buy this, support them continuing to make music. I would put them on playlists all the time if they had any stuff on the sites I construct playlists from.

Okay, that is the end of another Digital Bin

Explore, Enjoy, and Share New Music!

What was your favorite band in the bin?

Do you love Los Crudos like I do?

Could Lithics be any better?

Let me know what you think, even if you disagree (politely), leave a comment!