Josh's Digital Bin #2

by Joshua B. Hoe Fellow Travelers by Shearwater uploaded by Joshua B. Hoe

I have to admit, this is one of the features I am the most amped about.

No matter how many people visit my page during the week, my hope is that over time I will provide another place people can find music they might not have found otherwise.

Again, the idea is that every week I will curate another digital bin of music. And, people can visit and look through the bin, just like we used to do at record stores.

You might find something you like, or maybe not, but the discovery process was always one of the best parts of music for me.

Rebel Kind: Cool Band I Saw Last Weekend

I talked about this band in my review of the Protomartyr show at the Blind Pig. I did not think they had a great show, but I listened to their most recent album and really enjoyed it.

I am looking forward to seeing them again.

Here is their Bandcamp:

Deadbeat Beat: Another Band I Saw Last Weekend

The opening band at the Protomartyr show was Deadbeat Beat, I really enjoyed their sound and energy.

Lots of fun, manic energy from guitarist and bass player balanced with super-cool under control drummer.

Plus the drummer was wearing a Dead Boys T...and I love me some Dead Boys.

Good stuff, check them out:

Ghostplay: Sacramento is NOT San Diego

So, I had a really nice conversation with one of the members of this band last week (not sure which one). Unlike many people on Twitter, it was clear that they had actually listened to my playlists (wowowowow) and liked them.

To show them my appreciation, at the end of the conversation I started making San Diego references instead of Sacramento references because I am an idiot.

To make up for my mistake, I looked up their bandcamp, and really liked their album, especially the song "Patience."

Cool static and hum with ghostly presence :)

Here is a link:

Shearwater: Maybe better than Okkervil River?

My favorite album of the week without a doubt was Jet Plane and Oxbow by Shearwater, the band that started as a side-project for Okkervil River members Jonathan Meiburg and Will Sheff.

I love Okkervil River, and I have liked Shearwater, I started listening to this album and if you listen to track 6 through the end and aren't hooked I will be shocked.

I might like this album more than some Okkervil albums:

Jet Plane and Oxbow by Shearwater uploaded by Joshua B. Hoe

Ty Segall: Emotional Mugger

The other album I really enjoyed last week was Emotional Mugger by Ty Segall, I loved the fuzzy guitar. I probably mentioned it last week, but if I didn't when you can check it out, you should.

Even if I mentioned it last time, check it out :)

A gleeful noisy mess.

Okay, can't find Emotional Mugger on Bandcamp, Itunes, or Spotify.

Last week it was on NPR: First Listen but is not anymore.

Hopefully, you can find it soon. here is the youtube link:

Okay, that is the end of my second digital bin, hope you enjoyed it.