Josh's Digital Bin #18

What's A Digital Bin (and Where Have They Been)?

Apologies, I haven't kept up with this series  the last few weeks. I apologize.

The idea is to present music as a process of exploration. We used to go to record stores and dig through bins with very little idea of what albums would actually sound like. We would look at the covers, check out the band picture, look at the names of songs, and just make our best guesses.

Most record stores had discount bins where you could really afford to take some shots in the dark. I think of this space exactly like that, not that the artists don't deserve more attention than a discount bin but that they are worthy of being found.

Found music is more fun IMHO, so explore, enjoy, and celebrate new music.


Excellent #postpunk from Washington DC (home of many of my favorite bands of all-time. I have listened to this about ten times now, so it is either really good or I am losing my ear (pretty sure it is really good).

Puff Pieces

Yup, another D.C. Band but where Fluffer reminds me of everything from Roz Williams era Christian Death to Joy Division Puff Pieces reminds me more or Wire and Television. In other words, this is slso a very good album. 

Violent Soho

This one is for anyone who hates the beast known as Pop-Punk. I have always refused to dismiss the sub-genre because every so often you get a gem like this album Waco by Violent Soho. If you listen to this whole album and still see no value to the sub-genre, I will try to agree to disagree.  

Lloyd Lincoln

This one is a trip.

If you don't like experimental noise this might not be for you. But if you do, this is reall great time. I love the combo of psychobilly freakout, electronic, and lyrics that are about as off-the wall as I have heard in a long time. Good times if you like taking crazy sonic journeys in your headphones. I heard elements of Suicide, Butthole Surfers, Dan Deacon, and Fuck Buttons. 


Been out for a little over a week but I don't care. I love Ty Segall, I love Ex-Cult, and I love Fuzz. This is right up my alley. If you haven't hear GOGGS or the bands I just mentioned, start catching up now. They all kick ass.

Well, that is it for another Digital Bin, and this one is a HOOT + a ripper - Enjoy!

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