Josh's Digital Bin #12

Yup, this Digital Bin thing is really catching on, it has grown about 150% in popularity over the last month which is great since the whole point of this blog is to bring new ears to new music. 

Thanks to Ilya (@IHeartNoise) for doing such a beautiful repackaging of the Digital BIns in his Twitter "Megathread." That was really nice of him!

The Digital Bin is about opening space for exploration. When I was young, we could walk through gigantic warehouse-sized record stores full of bins. Each bin had albums, usually arranged alphabetically, and you would just pick the ones that spoke to you the most.

My hope is that you will explore my bins, embrace the stuff that appeals to you and forget the stuff that doesn't. Enjoy!


This group is from Sweden. A few weeks ago they responded to some silly thing I wrote on Twitter, so I checked them out, I like them (nice easy dance grooves). Here are the two tracks they have on Soundcloud (and Spotify).


This is another of the bands from Russia I learned about from a Russian Twitter follower. Apparently there is a really good wave of garage-punk-noise happening in Moscow. This comes from the angrier end of that wave.

Green and Glass

Honestly, not sure how I found this band. I want to say I was talking to someone who suggested they had friends in a band with the words Green and Glass in it? I did a Bandcamp search, found this band, listened and liked their groove (very much in the spirit of bin diving). They are from Brooklyn.

Hallelujah The Hills - A Band Is Something To Figure Out

Funny story, I have a friend who knows these guys. He actually turned me on them years ago. I loved "Have You Ever Done Something Evil." Well, the other day, he sends me a link to their album (at the time unreleased). I write one of my other blogger friends on Twitter and mention that I heard it and that it is really good. He doesn't know I was listening "on the down-low" so he forwards my message to Ryan Walsh (of Hallelujah The Hills). 

Luckily, he was really cool about it, his response was:

He also warned me to look out for the subliminal messages they expertly crafted for this album and my ears.

Did I mention that the album is really good? The album is really good, here it is:

Parquet Courts - Human Performance

I am sure this makes me even more of a hipster than I already am, but I like Parquet Courts. I always have, probably always will,  They remind me of Pavement, and I miss Pavement a lot. Sometimes they are too twee and sometimes they are two calculated, but I always find stuff I love on their albums (and releases). 

So whatever, I like it, I am the bad guy (sigh). 

Parquet Courts, Human Performance

Parquet Courts, Human Performance

Well, that is the end of another digital bin, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

What did you think of this weeks bin? What were your favorite bands? What albums or songs did you find this week? Make the comments section a clearinghouse for music exploration and recommendations! In other words, leave a comment!