"I Hate Radio" Video of the Day 4/1/2017 - Holy Motors

Video Of The Day

So today's video is a band from Estonia I have really grown to like...The band is called "Holy Motors" (a name taken from the French film of the same name). I feel like they are tailor-made for the lounge in a David Lynch film (or in the new Twin Peaks).

Okay, technically this is an April Fools post, so I probably should make a joke...hmmm...Okay, Andy Kaufman lives? Okay, anyway, here is the song in Spotify:

Here is an older single, don't think that they have released an album yet...They are on Wharf Cat Records.

Anyway, I forsee good things for Holy Motors.

So, in two days, we have gone from Sweden to Estonia...where will we go next? 

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