"I Hate Radio" Music News 1/7/2017

Curated Music News & No, I Don't "Really" Hate Radio

So, I am trying this format to communicate the music stories that speak to me every day (instead of just posting the links). Usually, I want to say more than is allowed in a Tweet.

Oh, I am also going to start a podcast soon, more on that as I get it all setup. As you can guess, it will be called "I Hate Radio" which is my response to "I Heart Radio." I actually grew up searching out alternative radio stations (left of the dial, I just hate music industry consolidation especially as it is represented by that odious conglomerate "I Heart Radio").

Every Tuesday I put out new Spotify Playlists, this week's playlist is called the "Me and the Losers" #Spotify Playlist.

The Return of Elbow

There are many new albums coming out soon that I am really excited about (new albums from Cloud Nothings, Japandroids, and No Age would be important examples). But, I am also really excited for the new album from one of my all-time favorite, under-the-radar, bands Elbow. The UK stalwarts fronted by one of my favorite singers in the world (Guy Garvey) are releasing a new album called "Little Fictions" on February 3rd. 

Usually, I listen to punk or post-punk. I certainly prefer the darker and angrier side of music, but sometimes you just have to tip your cap to good songwriting and a maturely wonderful deliverer of lyrics.

The video above is the shimmeringly beautiful second single "All Disco" they have released in advance of the album. The first single was Magnificent (She Says) and you can listen to it here:

Just to give you a taste of what got me hooked on Elbow, here is one of my all-time favorite Elbow songs:

Anyway, I hope I have converted some people to Elbow today, but if not, I am still pretty excited for February 3rd.

Matador Has Three of My Favorite Acts Now


If you checked out my top 45 albums of 2016, you know that my number one album of 2016 was Teens of Denial by Car Seat Headrest who are on Matador records.

My number six album of 2016 was "No Burden" from Lucy Dacus who is now on Matador records.

My number seven album of 2015 was "Sprained Ankle" by Julien Baker who just recently...you guessed it, signed to Matador records. Anyway, Julien has released a new song as well which you can hear over at NPR. And here is a link to Sprained Ankle (which is awesome).

Of course, Matador is one of the only labels that never interacts with me when I promote their artists (because I am small potatoes in Matador land). But, even if they don't care about me, I have to admit they have good taste in artists (as an aside, Will Toledo's Dad actually did contact me and thank me for ranking Teens of Denial #1 - seriously, how cool is that - what a great Dad).

Wrapping Up

Okay, well that does it for today. For someone who purports to love punk and experimental music, today's news ended up a strange collection of laid back and soulful stuff. Hmmm...Okay, just because there is snow outside and it was freezing today, I will finish off with Preoccupations.

As always, explore, enjoy, and share new music!

What was your favorite song from today's music news?

What was your favorite band?

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