"I Hate Radio" Music News 10/27/2016

Curated Music News

So, I am trying this format to communicate the music stories that speak to me every day (instead of just posting the links). Usually, I want to say more than is allowed in a Tweet.

Oh, I am also going to start a podcast soon, more on that as I get it all setup. As you can guess, it will be called "I Hate Radio" which is my response to "I Heart Radio."

You Check out my Best of 2016 Albums list by clicking HERE.

Oh, and every Tuesday I put out new Spotify Playlists, this week's playlist is the "Red Kismet Kill" Spotify Playlist, it includes songs from Joy Division, Black Marble, Haley Bonar, Personal and the Pizzas and many others, and you can listen by clicking HERE.

Bad Brains Still Rule, F The Rock Hall


Yes, I am still bitter about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame leaving out Bad Brains, Kraftwerk, and the MC5. If you missed my rant, you can find it HERE.

Rock Hall or not, Bad Brains are still one of the "must know" bands for anyone who wants to understand the history of DC Hardcore. This recent New Yorker article tells a little of the story of H.R., the enigmatic frontman for Bad Brains, and shares some details about the upcoming documentary feature about him. Other places to explore Bad Brains and DC Punk is the Salad Days Documentary

Run The Jewels 3, The  First Taste Is Free


As you may recall, I was a HUGE fan of RTJ2. I was even lucky enough to get in a few Twitter conversations with Killer Mike in 2015.

Anyway, Killer Mike and El-P gave us all a Christmas gift by releasing RTJ3 a few weeks early on Apple and also allowing anyone to sample the album by just entering a valid email on the RTJ website. In other words, go listen to RTJ3 before it is officially available at stores.

RIP George Michael

I will not pretend that I was a big fan, to be perfectly honest, I was not a fan at all when he was popular (and made fun of Wham all of the time). I am, however, older and more mature now (I hope) and I appreciate that he was a forerunner to the current run of great R & B singers that have come out of the UK in the last ten years. 

Here are a few eulogies from people who knew his music much better than I do. First here is one from NME and here is a compilation of obituaries from Billboard.

Anyway, another music icon passes away in 2016...I sure hope that 2017 is some kind of salve for this stuff. RIP George Michael.

Wrapping Up

Okay, well that is it for another day. 

In case you missed it, I have put out a new Black Mirror recap for 15 Million Merits and a new Mr. Robot Red Wheelbarrow piece called "The Merge."

What is your favorite Bad Brains album?

What is your favorite memory of George Michael?

Let me know what you think, Leave a comment!