Hipster Shirt of the Week (A Very Silly #OPS Feature)

This Week's Hipster Shirt of the Week - IRS Records


Yup, my IRS records T-Shirt. 

I got this shirt a LONG time ago, I believe when I was a Senior in HS because I was a huge fan of the record label (before it got a reputation for shadiness). I particularly thought the logo was a cool wink to Two-Tone.

IRS records, owned by Police drummer Stewart Copeland's brother Miles, was, at one time, the home of R.E.M. and U2 as well as a TON of more underground artists. IRS also created a pretty cool show on early MTV called "The Cutting Edge" to push its artists. 

The Hipster Shirt of the Week

I was looking through my stack of shirts that I don't wear anymore (because they don't fit - sigh).

Yes, I am calling myself a hipster d-bag. I have a bunch of old band shirts and figured some of them might be interesting to people.

I am not sure how many week's I can keep this up, but what I am hoping is that other people will join in and contribute their own pictures of old (cool) shirts.

Okay, for this to work, hopefully, you will participate. Join in, post your own Hipster shirts.

Let me know what you think, leave a comment!