Have You Heard This (Yet)? Reverends and P.s. Eliot

Have You Heard This (Yet)? #ShareNewMusic

Welcome to my semi-weekly feature in which I highlight one brand new album that I really love and one older album or collection of older songs that I am revisiting. This is kind of my own spin on the "album of the week" feature.

This week, I am highlighting Reverends "Derealization Blues" and P.s. Eliot's 2007 - 2011. About ten days ago, I highlighted Subrosa and New Order.

The bonus above is a new White Stripes video by Michael Gondry that he sent to Third Man Records out of the blue. Love Michael Gondry.

Brand New: Reverends "Derealization Blues"

This one is really all about my friend Aaron who was nice enough to tip me off to this excellent album. He also wrote a really good full review that you can read here. I really enjoyed this album and it is full of post-punk goodness. You should check it out!

Newly Re-Released: P.s. Eliot: 2007-2011

I am a card carrying member of the Crutchfield fan club. P.s Eliot is music from the collaborations between Katie (Waxahatchee) and her sister Allison (Swearin'). If you have read this blog for long, you already know how much I loved Katie's last Waxahatchee album, "Ivy Tripp." 

This is a collection of all of the released and unreleased output by P.s. Eliot, I absolutely loved it, and it is a treasure chest full of songs (many of which, I had not heard before). Enjoy!

Okay, well that is the end of another Have You Heard This (Yet). 

Remember to explore, enjoy, and share new music!

What did you think of Reverends?

What did you think of P.s Eliot?

What is your favorite Crutchfield related album?

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