Have You Heard This (Yet)? Joey Purp + Angry Angles

Have You Heard This (Yet)?

This is my version of "Album of the Week."


I hype one album that I like and is brand spanking new and one album that I like but heard for the first time this week (that was new to me).

New To The World: Joey Purp - iii Drops

Look, I know everyone is still drooling over Coloring Book and I know JP is in Chance's crew (Savemoney Crew) but I kind of enjoyed "iii drops" more than "Coloring Book" (it just is more fun). I know this makes me (even more) officially crazy. Maybe I just like the fun feel. It is summer, I want some fun summer jams with the heat.

Anyway, Joey Purp comes across to me as the real deal.

Oh, and by the way, 2 Girls is a sunny day of fun but the song "Photobooth" is full on SICKNESS (hey, "turn me up in the phones" indeed).

Photobooth reminds me of Jay Z's early statements of swag, it is the best possible insanity. Do me a favor and just listen loud. You will be on board with me once you have heard it.

There is just some nasty creative production on this album, the incredibly catchy jazz figure on "Say You Do" for instance had me dancing in my seat uncontrollably (kind of embarrassing since my seat is in a coffee shop at the moment). During "Godbody" you can almost feel his lyrics like body blows.

This album was JUST what the Doctor ordered this week! Easily my favorite hip-hop album so far this year (which is saying something, see Mr. Lif, Dalek, Aesop Rock, Skepta etc.).

New To Me: Angry Angles - Self Titled

Technically this is a new album but made up of collected releases from a band that no longer exists. Angry Angles was one of the bands of the sadly deceased Jay Reatard (Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. RIP).

I feel bad about this, I was really late to appreciating Jay Reatard. There are very few artists who had a career this rich and diverse in such a short period of time. Not entirely sure how I missed out, but it has been a real pleasure discovering his incredible catalog of work. I particularly his appreciation for bands I have loved my whole life like Wire, DEVO, and The Screamers (one of the best bands you have likely never heard of).

My understanding is that  this was one of his later projects.with ex-girlfriend Alix Brown and it is really good. Not only does it have a version of one of my favorite Wire songs and a DEVO cover, it just feels great. Fuzzy late 70's early 80's silly fun. In other words, this is another really good summer album. Sometimes you just need some loopy fun.

Sit by the pool or drive with the top down to these two excellent albums (both released at the perfect time) and you cannot go wrong!

Well, that is the end of another - Have You Heard This (Yet)? Hope you had fun! Oh, and listen to "Photobooth" now...thank me later.

What do you think of Joey Purp and Angry Angles? Do you love "Photobooth" as much as I do? Let me know what you think, leave a comment!