Have You Heard This (Yet): Ex-Cult and Squeeze

Have You Heard This (Yet)?

What were your favorite albums this week? 

Welcome to my semi-weekly feature in which I highlight one brand new album that I really love and one older album or collection of older songs that I am revisiting. This is kind of my own spin on the "album of the week" feature.

This week I am featuring the unlikely duo of Ex-Cult and Squeeze.

Last week I featured Reverends and P.s. Eliot.

Also, if you are looing for music to listen to, my more recent playlist is the "Finally, Disaster Rain" #Spotify playlist.

The video above is about the A Tribe Called Quest mural that commemorates the spot where one of their most iconic videos was made. Anyone who reads my site regularly knows how much I love A Tribe Called Quest.

New To The World: Ex-Cult "Negative Growth"

Ex-Cult are one of the only bands still committed to making old-school in your face, exorcise your demons, Punk Rock.

Chirs Shaw clearly prayed at the temple of the great punk frontmen and the rest of the band (Alec McIntyre, Frank McLallen, Michael Peery, JB Horrell) has gotten better (and tighter) with every new 7 inch single, EP, and album. Many of you might be familiar with GOGGS the Ty Segall band fronted by Shaw.

This album kicks ass. It is just an amazing and cathartic experience. Check it out, and turn your speakers UP! 

Newly Revisited: Squeeze - East Side Story

My original reason for wanting to include Squeeze was to pay a bit of homage to Jools Holland who we all know from his BBC show. Holland was one of the founding members of the band Squeeze along with chief songwriters Chris Difford and Glen Tilbrook.

The more I thought the more that I remembered that the album that first drew me to Squeeze was the first of their albums without Holland, "East Side Story." I am not sure why but it could have been because it was produced by one of my heroes Elvis Costello (or because the standout single "Tempted" was a big hit here in the states too).

Oddly enough, Paul Carrack, the "new" keyboard player was also the lead vocal on their most popular song ever (Tempted). Still a great song all these years later.

Whatever the reason, if you like a bit of Brit soul, this is a great album.

Well, that was about as diverse a selection of two bands as I could manage.

What was your favorite album of the last week?

What is an album you would like to bring new attention to?

What do you think of these two albums?

Let me know, leave a comment!