"Harbaugh Rule" About "Off-TIme?" Right, and the NCAA isn't Passive Aggressive at All

Other Coaches: We Don't Hate Jim Harbaugh (We Actually Do Hate Jim Harbaugh)

The NCAA's Five Power Conferences (acting a bit like the people in the above FedEx commercial) decided, in their infinite wisdom, to ban off-site Spring football practices (on a 58-20 vote).

* Of course, it had absolutely nothing to do with protecting "recruiting territories" at all (of course not)

* Of course, it had absolutely nothing to do with coaches being afraid they might have to work even harder to expand their own recruiting efforts (no way).

So, next, you will be telling me that President Trump's proposed border wall is about preventing "gopher immigration." 

Anyway, to be 100% honest all of this is fine because what Harbaugh was doing in the first place was exploiting every advantage that he could find in the rules to gain recruits and he will continue to do exactly that. 

And you can hate, but the one truth that seems undeniable, Jim Harbaugh is going to out work you. He never seems to want a break from football and he never stops thinking about how to gain an advantage. 

For most people, football is a career, for Harbaugh it is life.

You can try to stop him, but you will never be able to contain him.  GoBlue!

What do you think of the vote?

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