Josh's Digital Bin #10

Yup, the next installment of the "can't miss" feature sweeping the nation Josh's Digital Bin.

This is the 10th installment, in all seriousness, it represents one of the missions of my blog - creating spaces for music that is NOT represented in the mainstream press.

The basic idea of the Digital Bin is you should approach each bin like a bin in a record store. Sample each entry (5 per bin) keep what you like and discard what you don't. But, my hope is that people will start to explore new music again (like we used to do in record stores).


Had a really great back-and-forth with him (I think it is one person) about the future economics of music. Very smart and insightful, it comes through in his music as well. I enjoyed the album even though it is not in my usual wheelhouse. Great music and also a great Twitter follow!

Ill-Advised, Parkway Divides

Ill-Advised, Parkway Divides

Audrey Harrer

Okay, this album (Alphabet Rain) is different in the best possible way. Audrey Harrer has a great voice and great musicianship but most important - has an entirely unique point-of-view. If I had to say it reminded me of anything it would be kind of Mark Kozalec's confessional style of word soup with more vocal range and an orchestral/operatic feel. You will think Joanna Newsome a bit, I guess that is fair (IMHO Audrey is more playful than JN or MK)?

Trust me, you have not heard anything like this lately, and that is the best possible kind of thing.


This is an interesting cinematic electronic outfit from the UK. Their style reminds me a bit of the electronic pastiche style that was popular in the later 80's and early 90's among industrial electronic acts. Very good for atmospheric listening (like when you want something in the background that is interesting and makes you feel but doesn't overwhelm. Plus there is a bit about using LSD and having a discussion with a hotdog (I don't endorse drug use but this brings back some memories).

Amnesia Scanner - AS

Amnesia Scanner, AS EP

Amnesia Scanner, AS EP

This one blew me away. I rarely agree with Pitchfork (more specifically, I rarely agree with their ratings), but this time, they were right, this is a stunner and a totally energizing experience. IMHO it is a riotously fun electronic mess. It is dance music for people inhabited (just a bit) by demons.

Father - I'm A Piece Of Shit

Father, I'm A Piece of Shit

Father, I'm A Piece of Shit

This is good time music for someone who feels conflicted. It kind of has an 80's Minneapolis vibe and he certainly is conflicted about the sex (like another Minneapolis resident was for a long time). I really had a good time all the way through this album, and lately, only the Kendrick Lamar album has done that for me in the genre.

So ends another digital bin. Hope you share this and all the bands you like from this and other blogs across your networks. The whole idea is to share and engage in the process of exploring and sharing new music! 

In fact, if you have bands you think people should hear or that the mainstream music press is not giving enough (or any) love to, leave comments about them or send them my way on Twitter etc.

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