Decarceration Nation (with Josh and Joel): Episode 5 "Lauren-Brooke Eisen"

The Decarceration Nation Podcast (with Josh and Joel)

Welcome to the new podcast "Decarceration Nation" which I am co-hosting with my friend Joel.

We will be focusing on the need for serious criminal justice reform and prison reform. We attempt to answer the question, do we want to live in an Incarcerated Nation or create a Decarceration Nation.

This week I interviewed Lauren-Brooke Eisen (Senior Counsel at the Brennan Center for Justice) about her book Inside Private Prisons. Here is my copy of the book:

Lauren-Brooke Eisen Inside Private Prisons.jpg

Virtually all of the questions that I asked were inspired by what I found in the book, so there will not be any additional citations this week.

Thanks very much to Lauren for letting me interview her for the Decarceration Nation podcast!

Apologies for the delays in getting this up, I am a one-man-band and get overwhelmed sometimes.

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