Cthulhu Warning: Stephen King Calls Out Trump

#OPS Cthulhu Warnings

This site is, and has been, very concerned (as you may know Cthulhu lives in our collective subconscious until he/it breaks through into the conscious) with Cthulhu sightings (because a return to the conscious plane would be really bad for humans).

So far, we believe we found signs of Cthulhu in Allison Mosshart's Hair and in Michael Stipe's Beard. Today, we were alerted to a new harbinger of Cthulhu's return.

Stephen King + Trump Hair = Cthulhu

Could Lord Cthulhu have such small hands? 

International Best-Selling author Stephen King seems to think so, he tweeted:

There are reasons to suspect Mr. King has wisdom, he is a Ramones fan, he created the wise-old Turtle, and he has written about evil beings bent on world destruction for most of his adult life.

In other words, we see you Trump Hair.

We are alert, and will try to expunge you from our collective consciousness.

If you have been made aware of any possible signs of the awakening of Cthulhu, inform our team of investigative reporters immediately (if CNN can make up B.S. titles for everyone so can we).

Let us know if you have seen Cthulhu, leave a comment!

It: A Novel
By Stephen King
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