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Michigan Basketball, "Whose Team Is This" + A Possible Solution

Michigan beat writer for MLive Brendan F. Quinn wrote an interesting article about Michigan's recent basketball loss to Iowa.

These are my comments about the Iowa game and a suggestion based on what Mr. Quinn wrote.


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How my beloved Michigan Wolverines Football Team Lost the 2016 Orange Bowl

Well, the game did not go how I hoped at all.

This is a record of my thoughts about why I think that we lost to Florida State in a game that was much more exciting than it probably deserved to be.

Congrats to FSU and thanks for a great year from the Michigan players and coaches!

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Football Issues: Coaches So White?

The NCAA is in the news for everything from potential pay for football players getting to the reduction in the number of sanctioned Football Bowl Games.

But you don't hear much about the racial disparity in the hiring of head football coaches.

Given that it is #JackieRobinsonDay - this seemed like something worth addressing.

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