Blues, Rock, Rap #OPS Throwdown 4/16/2016

Earlier this week I had two posts about the dispute between Gene Simmons and Ice Cube of NWA. The guts of the argument concerned whether "Rap" (Hip-Hop) qualifies for inclusion in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Hopefully, you read my written response, but here is my musical response to Gene Simmons and all of the haters who think there is a "PURE" Rock that can be preserved.

You can read the commentary by checking my Google+ page or by searching using the hashtag #OPSThrowdown on Google+. You can also find my playlists on Spotify or on my YouTube Channel (linked below).  


The Songs

1. The Rolling Stones playing several classic blues songs

2. The Clash, This is Radio Clash (12")

3. Run-DMC, King of Rock

4. Beastie Boys, No Sleep Til' Brooklyn

5. Public Enemy, Bring The Noise (with Scott Ian of Anthrax)

6. Run-DMC + Aerosmith, Walk This Way

7. George Clinton, Atomic Dog

8. Smell The Glove scene from the movie Spinal Tap

9. Cypress Hill and Linkin Park, Rock Superstar

10. The Bad Plus, Radio Cure

Well, that is the end of another #OPSThrowdown, hope you are having a wonderful Spring weekend!

What did you think of the arguments by Ice Cube and Gene Simmons? What songs would you have included in this playlist? Would love to hear from you, leave a comment!