A Music Day So Big it Should Have Been a #NationalHoliday

No Seriously, It Should Have Been A #NationalHoldiay - because Preoccupations

So yes, the album cover is boring and the new band name is purposely uncontroversial but they are still an amazing band and they just released a new album. And that new album is on Spotify meaning that you can listen to it right now. It is really great, I have listened to it three times already.

Preoccupations is one of my favorite current bands.

Did I mention that you can listen right now?

But wait, there is MUCH more....much more.

Another Important Album Is Out - Against Me

333 was already one of my favorite songs in recent memory and the whole album is out. And have I mentioned that it is on Spotify, which means that you can listen to it now? 

The name of the album is Shape Shift With Me and is really good and have I mentioned that it is on Spotify, so you can listen to it right now.

But There Is Yet Another Great New Album - Cymbals Eat Guitars

Oh, but there is more.

Another of my favorite current bands is Cymbals Eat Guitars who also released a really great album today. Too Much Riches.

Of course, it is also on Spotify for you to listen to now.

But, that is not it - Great Cloud Nothings News

Cloud Nothings Attack On Memory.png

The troika of bands that I hold most responsible for the current direction of Punk and Garage are Cloud Nothings, Japandroids, and No Age.

Turns out Cloud Nothings will have a new album coming out this Fall according to Dylan Baldi

In case you are not familiar with how awesome Cloud Nothings is here is a link to my favorite Cloud Nothings album.

Also, Japandroids recently announced that they will be touring soon, which might mean a new album from them as well.

Today was pretty sweet.

Hope you enjoyed the #NationalHoliday

What is your favorite album released today?

Is there a new album you love that came out today that I didn't cover?

Let me know what you think, leave a comment!