Violent Femmes - Can they "Do Anything?"

by Joshua B. Hoe Violent Femmes by the Violent Femmes

Nobody who grew up in the 80's can forget the eponymous album Violent Femmes:

Blister in the Sun Kiss Off Please Do Not Go Add it Up Gone Daddy Gone

They had a few other albums, they have released countless greatest hits compilations, but over time, they went mostly silent.

The Violent Femmes Origin Story

One of the things that I love most about the Femmes is that they were discovered by the late great James Honeyman-Scott of the Pretenders.

Scott saw them busking on the street near where the Pretenders were playing and later that night they opened for the Pretenders (how cool an origin story is that?).

Now, it appears The Violent Femmes will be releasing their first album of new material in 15 years.

The album will be called "We Can Do Anything"

I am strangely (but cautiously) optimistic!

Are you excited for the new Femmes album? Do you think it will suck? Love to hear your opinion, let me know, leave a comment!

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