10 Things I Hated About Season 6 of Game of Thrones: #3 Ramsay Bolton

Only A Few More Entries in my Jar Jar Binks list for Season 6 of #Got - So I guess I will deal with Ramsay

Were you convinced that Season 6 of #GameofThrones was pure greatness?

Not me.

So, over the next 10 days, I am going to post the ten things that drove me crazy about Game of Thrones Season 6.

I fully realize that I am in the minority on this but I am okay with people disagreeing with me. I also don't usually write because of ego or certainty that I am right.

In fairness, I did enjoy much of Season 6 but every time I started really enjoying things another Benioff and Weiss "consolidation" problem would appear on the show. I really don't mind Benioff and Wiess taking a different route to GRRM's conclusions, my problem is when the shortcuts undermine the logic of the characters and plot.

The picture of Jar Jar is a reference to me giving out Jar Jar awards throughout Season 6 (in reference to Benioff and Weiss seeming to come down with a strong case of George Lucas disease).

Ramsay Bolton: If I Had to Watch Him, Was he a Cruel Genius or Idiot?

There are few characters in the history of television that I have loathed as much as I loathed Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon). For years Ramsay’s sole job has been to lower the bar for villainy. But even hated characters should be forced to follow some kind of internal logic.

At the end of season 5, Ramsay’s bride Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) escaped from Ramsay and Winterfell with Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen) in tow. For some reason, at the end of episode 1, we found out that Ramsay did not himself go along with his troops engaged in trying to hunt her down.

At this point of the season, we knew these things about Ramsay:

1. He is one of the most hated people in the North, is not seen as a legitimate future ruler of the North, and is not seen as a legitimate heir (he is a bastard). His only chance of legitimizing his future reign as the Lord of Winterfell is through his marriage to Sansa.

2. His one true skill, aside from being one of the worst people in the history of television, is hunting human beings. In fact, we viewers were often forced (during earlier seasons) to watch his enthusiastic hunting trips for the ‘Most Dangerous Game.’

So, we are supposed to believe that he would chase after humans as a sport but would not chase after his bride?

You know the bride that is the key to the legitimacy of his future rule?

We are supposed to believe that he would just leave that hunting to underlings?

Sorry, that just makes no logical sense.

Even crazier, he also killed his Father (the only thing that made anyone follow him in the first pace), his Step-Mother (who is a Frey, from a family who is one of his only reliable allies), and his step-brother (ick).

Oh, and soon after losing one Stark (in show time) he was hand-delivered another one (Because Starks apparently grow on trees...well, we know that they worship at trees, but still).

Somehow, however, despite all this insanity, he consolidates his rule and almost wins the Battle of the Bastards after teaching his troops the tactics of the Roman Legions (which he learned in some part of his history absent from the books or the show).


I really hate when characters are written to morph to fit whatever situations arise.

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